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Dreaming of Adoption - Mike and Floyd

Meet Mike and Floyd.....two adorable guys who would make great parents. Please take a second to read this with an open mind. Go visit their Facebook page and given them a "like". These two are going to raise some amazing kids very soon.

Love and luck to the both of you....

One Blunt Mom


Dreaming Adoption - Mike and Floyd


In September of 2003, our lives changed forever. We met in San Francisco, at a local Mexican restaurant, after chatting online for a few weeks. It was the beginning of a friendship that would lead us down the path of starting a family together.

For years, we talked about how one day we would love to start a family together. At first we were living in a small apartment and working on getting our careers going. We knew it would take time and groundwork, to build a solid foundation, that would one day support our dream. 

Building the foundation:

Today, we feel like that foundation is ready to start building our family on. We have a four bedroom house in San Jose, CA where we envision our child running in the yard, playing at the park down the road and enjoying the endless possibilities that the entire San Francisco Bay area has to offer. We have a second home in South Lake Tahoe, CA where we envision ample amounts of family memories such as boating, skiing and hiking.

The options:

We began researching our options, of starting our family, as a same sex couple. We researched surrogacy both domestically and internationally. We attended foster care training through the county and we started researching adoption agencies. We found the pros and cons of each of them and ultimately decided that a private, open adoption, would be best for us at the moment in time.

Why we chose the Open Adoption route:

We will take great comfort in knowing that our child will know his or her birth mother from the beginning. Our child will not need to go searching for unanswered questions later in life. We will let our child know that he or she was not given up on but given a chance. That his or her birth mother was strong and loving enough to make a decision that would benefit this child in the best possible way.

The birth parents will take comfort in knowing that their child is being well taken care of by seeing pictures of the child as she or he grows up, video conferencing and even in-person meets. The birth parents will be able to tell the child themselves how much they loved them and they wanted to give him or her a life that they just weren't able to give them at the time.

The difficult search:

One thing we did not know about adoption, when we started this process, was the competitiveness. Many more families are searching for children to adopt than children being placed for adoption. Some families, working with a lawyer or agency, rely solely on them to find them a mother who is considering adoption. Many families wait years until they are matched with a birth mother. Some give up hope during the process. The way we see this approach is compared to looking for a job by posting your resume on a job board and just waiting for someone to call you.

The social media plan:

Being matched with a birth mother is all about networking. It only takes that one mother who is considering adoption to make your dreams come true. Finding that mother is all about having as many eyes and ears helping you as possible. We created a facebook page to describe ourselves and our dreams to adopt. We shared it with our friends and asked them to share it with their friends and so on.

We make regular updates to the page, and hope to keep reminding everyone, to keep their eyes and ears open, for that one special mother. At times it feels awkward putting yourself out there. Especially being a same sex couple, you're really putting yourself out there, in front of a lot of people, all with different opinions. We have received a lot of positive feedback from people wishing us well and looking forward to the day we are able to announce the arrival of our child. 

Our facebook page is our way of proactively looking for that "job" instead of just placing our resume on the job board and waiting for an employer to call. We hope and pray that you are willing to help us spread the word, share our facebook page and help make our dreams come true.

With love and gratitude,

Mike and Floyd


Email us directly: mikeandfloyd@gmail.com

Meet Mike and Floyd here:

Mike and Floyd - Adoptive Parent Profile

If you're only going to read one thing today, PLEASE make it this.....

So I'm sitting at my computer, just catching up on stuff, and D2 (the 3 year old) is sitting behind me playing on the iPad.

And then this comes up on my Facebook feed. As soon as I saw the pic of the doggie I knew it was going to make me cry. And I am still crying.

We, as people, as parents, as a NATION......we take SO VERY MUCH for granted. We don't wake up daily wondering if there are going to be snipers in the upper windows of  city buildings, or ethnic raids, or bombs dropped at random moments. We don't worry about suicide bombers and terrorist threats. We just don't. 

Yes, we've had terrible things happen. The mass shootings, September 11th, Oklahoma City, etc. But there are people in other countries who live in constant, debilitating fear.....fear of just going out for necessities. I don't think anything of jumping in the car to go to the store, or to go have a coffee, or just to go shopping. I completely take for granted that I am, for all intents and purposes, safe. 

All of the political nonsense going on.....people arguing and fighting over ridiculous things.....all of it means squat when compared to the sacrifices our servicemen and women give every single day. And then for them to come home and basically be told, "You're on your own," is so very wrong. 

America doesn't have a political problem, America has a PRIORITIES problem.

THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER WHO IS SERVING OR WHO HAS SERVED AMERICA. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For me, for my children, for my family......THANK YOU. I cannot say it enough. 


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