Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm Sorry, But WTF?!?!?!

I promised y'all a blog entry. This was not the one I was working on, but when I saw a friend post this link on Facebook, I completely lost my mind. I'll work on finding it while you read this lovely little piece. Take your time. Let it really sink in. I mean, you really want to hear every nuance and subtle implications he makes in there. Go ahead, I'm still searching for my sanity.


Oklahoma Tornado: Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Hints at Government Involvement

Noted conspiracy theorist, soothsayer of all things ridiculous, and radio host Alex Jones has come out with the baseless and insensitive claim that the U.S. government "can create and steer groups of tornadoes." During The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday, the day after a devastating tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma, killing at least 24 people, Jones responded to a caller who was asking about weather modification by the government by saying, via a lengthy tangent, that while he didn't know if the Oklahoma tornado "was a weather weapon or not," the government can, and does, influence the weather.oklahoma, tornado:, conspiracy, theorist, alex, jones, hints, at, government, involvement,
Oklahoma Tornado Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Hints at Government Involvement
With the caveat that "natural tornadoes do exist," Jones then goes on to say that the possibility of government involvement in the Moore tornado apparently hinges upon whether people saw helicopters and small aircraft "in and around the clouds, spraying and doing things." Such vague and ridiculous "evidence" would apparently be enough to conclude that the government was involved. As Jones continues, "if you saw that, you better bet your bottom dollar they did this," before adding, "but who knows if they did." 
Sure one can criticize the government, and there are plenty of things that the Obama administration can be legitimately criticized about, but this is just ridiculous. Moreover, it is incredibly insensitive to make such remarks as people in Oklahoma are still struggling to come to terms with and recover from the devastation wrought by the tornado.
This kind of claim is not surprisingly coming from Jones (who recently claimed that the U.S. government was the "prime suspect" in the Boston bombings), but seriously, have some respect and give it a rest for once.
Need a minute? I'll wait. However long it takes you to get your sanity back after reading that lovely bit of all that is wrong with the world, don't worry, I'll be right here waiting. 
Ok. So as I sit here and watch news coverage of the complete devastation in Moore, it makes me want to punch this lazy, self-righteous, conceited, ignorant, uninformed, imbecile square in the testicles. With a sledgehammer. I have family in Moore, family who lost friends yesterday. To use this as your own political soapbox is so beyond what is wrong with this country right now it's pathetic. 
Beyond that, there are still towns in Texas, including Granbury and surrounding areas, and additional areas around Moore that haven't received any coverage at all that are also devastated. If you're sitting back and claiming government conspiracy instead of trying to figure out how you can help these people whose lives have been turned completely upside down then you can just kneel right down and kiss my ass.
So let me get this straight. We apparently have the technology to create, direct, and manage these massive offspring of Mother Nature. We have planes and helicopters that are able to withstand 200+ mph winds, hail the size of grapefruit, and the complete chaos of flying debris the size of semi trailers, with pilots savvy and talented enough to maneuver through all of that to "spray" or "shoot" whatever the hell it is he thinks they're doing in order to "create' these government-made tornadoes. Can someone PLEASE tell me what this guy is smoking?
But you know what? He's not the problem. The problem is the mindless sheep who will actually listen to what this moron has to say and give credence to it. The people who will repeat it to others, not in the context of, "Oh my God can you believe this idiot," but rather, "Hey I heard this guy on the radio and he made some really good points....", and the even scarier part is there seem to be enough mindless sheep out there to make this guy think he really has an audience.
PEOPLE......STEP AWAY FROM THE KOOL AID. The government is NOT creating tornadoes, the government did NOT plan the Boston Marathon bombings, much less the 9/11 Tragedy. If you doubt that even just a tiny bit, then you are part of the problem, NOT the solution. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stupid People, Part 2: Parents

Yep, parents.

So let's start with the mother of the two brothers responsible for the vicious attacks in Boston.

Ok so I get it. You're their mother. You're supposed to think they're innocent. But I am pretty sure this applies to your child pushing someone on the playground, pulling a little girl's hair, or stealing gum from the candy store. Lady, your older son had explosives strapped to his body and he was shooting at the police. We kind of get testy when that happens. You say you regret bringing them to America? Why don't you tell that to the families of the four people they murdered? Freakin' nut job.

Hold on, I need a second. Deep breaths. Ok.

Next, we'll move on to examples of parents who have little or no common sense. A perfect example? Right here.....

I'm sorry, but I will argue with anyone who says it's "normal" to give a FIVE YEAR OLD a real, working shotgun for their birthday. A child that age does not have the mental capability to understand the seriousness of what a weapon like that is capable of. But then to leave the room, leaving the gun with said child, LOADED, with your two year old in the room?? 


Oh wait, you were the same person who gave the gun to the five year old in the first place. Never mind.  

I have two children. They are five years apart. I cannot even imagine the horror of this situation. May that sweet baby girl rest in peace, may that poor sweet boy somehow move on and become a productive part of society, and may those parents never, ever forget that it is their fault for putting that gun in that child's hands. And if any of you try to argue and tell me it was an accident, you can just can it. That's bullshit and you know it. 

Ok, hang on again. I'm gonna need a couple of seconds here. Lord have mercy. 

All righty then. Let's talk about the parents who want to be their kid's buddy. Their pal. Hell, even their best friend. These people joke at inappropriate times, throw food across the table with their kids trying to get them to laugh, use sarcasm when it's not needed or wanted, and generally make asses out of themselves trying to live vicariously through their children. These are the the moms of the Honey Boo Boo's, the parents of the Lindsay Lohan's, and pretty much any other parent who would subject their children to being on a reality show. The above mentioned people? I can't even get started on them, because I would never stop writing. That Honey Boo Boo chick is a total train wreck, beating out Lindsay Lohan by a smidge, and only because her mother is even scarier. Pageant moms. There's a topic for another day.

Then you have the enablers. These parents are the ones who smile and laugh when their kids tell them, "I hate you." They're the ones who buy anything and everything the kid wants because they want the kids to like them. They do the "talking" thing instead of actual consequences, because they are afraid of harming their child's self-esteem somehow. These are also the Helicopter Parents. They hover, circle, and swoop in at the first sign of any struggle, never letting the child figure anything out for themselves. They blame the teachers, the other students, the principal, and hell, even the lunch ladies in school for their child's poor grades or issues because it just can't be anything the child is doing wrong. Any trouble the kid gets into must be someone else's fault. They will continually bail their children out of any situation, so much so that by the time the child graduates, they have no idea how to fend for themselves.

I am not a perfect parent. I have never claimed to be. But I have worked with kids of all ages, in preschool and as a teacher in elementary school. I've changed more diapers than most of you will ever see in a lifetime, I've worn so many hats I've lost count, I've done it all. And do I know everything? Absolutely not. But would I ever do this??

Of course not. Why? Because I am not an idiot.

I am a child of a nasty divorce, and I come from the most dysfunctional family....seriously, Dr. Phil would have a FIELD DAY with these people. I grew up in the south with racism, bigotry, intolerance, and hatred, and yet I put myself through college, I contribute to charities, I married a wonderful, successful man who has his priorities straight, I strongly believe in being kind to others (unless they give you reasons not to be), I am very strict about social rules, manners, and etiquette, and my children and I try to practice random acts of kindness whenever we get the chance. We thank service men and women when we see them, we bake cookies for the fire and police departments, and we volunteer and get involved with our town. Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE A BAD PAST IS NO EXCUSE FOR A FAILING PRESENT. Blaming your inadequacies as a parent on your upbringing is just crap. People who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and who blame all of their troubles on others just piss me off. You make choices. Don't blame others if you made crappy ones.

I love it when I hear, "I can't control my children." Really? At what point did you decide to give up on being a parent and let the kids walk all over you? Kids misbehaving in the restaurant? LEAVE. Give them one warning. Then leave. It might be inconvenient for you, but they'll get the point. Kids not listening at the mall, or whining because they are not getting everything they want? LEAVE. Kids acting up in the grocery store? Yep, you guessed it.....LEAVE. Even if you have a full cart of groceries. I have walked up to a manager, pushed my cart full of food over to them, apologized profusely, and walked out of the store with a screaming child. I have also put my child in time out in the middle of the store. You are the parent. Act like it. You are the one in control. Act like it. My first born tries every day to push my buttons and get her way, and every day it doesn't work. You'd think she would have figured that out by now. 

Oh and here's a good one........I've got news for you, people.....not everyone thinks your kids are as cute as YOU think they are. So if your kids are being loud in a public place, especially when it's inappropriate, it is {newsflash!} your job to take care of the situation. This is especially directed at you.....oh brainiac parents who take their toddlers to R-rated movies that start at 8 or 9 pm. This is also directed at the parents who do nothing to keep their children entertained on airplanes, buses, subway trains, or other enclosed spaces, and the parents who are oblivious to the fact that their children are bothering or touching other people. Just last night my husband and I were having dinner, sitting outside on the patio of our favorite restaurant. The man sitting with his back to my husband picked up his son, who looked to be about three years old. The child kept poking my husband in the back. I used my mommy tone and told the child to keep his hands to himself, dad stayed oblivious. Kid did it again, my husband turned around and said, "Hey!" The kid stopped, dad stayed oblivious. 

Now, I love kids. I really do. I focus in on kids anywhere I go before I notice adults. I love talking to kids, I love interacting with kids. It's one of the reasons I became a teacher. But one thing I hate is for kids or anyone to invade my personal space. Even when it's my own kids. I just need my space. Hugs and cuddles are different, but don't just start messing with me. I can't take it. So one thing that makes me nuts is standing in lines in public places. People do NOT control their children or pay attention to them at all. I have had kids (and I am talking teenagers) stand right up next to me while waiting in line. I have had people standing behind me holding children where the children have pulled my hair. I take a step forward, they take a step forward. Seriously, I don't belong to you! Back the heck off! I will loudly tell my children not to get into other people's space, if only to make the point to other people standing around us. I will say, "Those people don't belong to us, don't stand so close," or, "There is no reason for us to stand so closely to these nice people, let's give them their space." Does it work? Yeah, not so much. People are just clueless. And it's just getting worse.  

I've said for years that I think it's absolutely ridiculous that you must have a license to catch a fish or shoot a gun, but any moron can have a child. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Here's an idea......start making parents responsible for the stupid crap their children do. Kid brings a weapon to school? Teenage boys get into a fight at a game? Haul the parents in.....and chastise them for not teaching their children to know better. How about the teenage girl that flipped off the judge in the courtroom? Her parents should also have been fined for raising such a brat. Lindsay Lohan, anyone? Her parents should have been spade and neutered before they were ever even allowed to have children.  Then we have the teenage girls that throw their babies in trash cans. The bullies who harass their schoolmates to the point of suicide. How about the 17 year old soccer player in Utah who punched the referee in the side of the head after being issued a foul, ultimately killing him? How is it that these people are allowed to raise these completely unproductive, sociopathic, disrespectful, conscience free individuals and then unleash them into society for all of us to deal with? Where is the logic in that? Maybe if people KNEW there would be consequences for raising children who are complete reprobates, they might think twice before having children OR they might really try to do a better job of raising them in the first place. 

And the creme de la creme? The icing on the cake? The "OH MY GOD I WANT TO PUNCH THIS WOMAN IN THE FACE THROUGH MY COMPUTER SCREEN!!!"?

Yep, I'll leave you with that one. Y'all have a nice day.