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An Open Letter to Dianne Edmondson, Denton County GOP Chair

Ms. Edmondson,

I am writing in regards to the update posted on your party's website,, on January 7, 2014. 

For reference, I'll post a copy of the main parts of the update (those interested can click on the link above to see the entire post):


January 7, 2014

Happy New Year, Denton County Republicans!

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? I have made a few, many of them, unfortunately, retreads from years past! But there is one that I am making that I hope each of you can join me in trying to keep: Let’s make 2013 the Year of the GOP both nationally as we do everything possible to help elect at least 6 new Republican senators and take control of the US Senate, but also to do everything we can right here at home in Denton country to KEEP TEXAS RED! That would include continuing to hang on to each and every partisan elected office in our county, and also helping in other parts of Texas, such as the Konni Burton for State Senate race in Tarrant County in which strong candidate Burton is working to take back the Wendy Davis seat for the
Speaking of Wendy Davis, I personally am concerned about the “super women” ticket of Abortion Barbie with Hispanic Sen Leticia Van De Putte as her running mate. We have our work cut out for us to dispute the Dems’ false accusations of a Republican “war on women.” GOP ladies, it’s up to us to speak out and speak up for the Republican Party and what its pro-life, pro-family, pro-jobs practices mean to women and their families!
Several Write-in Candidates on March 4 Primary
We are really pleased that there is so much interest in serving as a DCRP leader among Republicans in our county. That is pretty unusual, so the Denton paper thought it was worth a recent front page story! Here is a link so that you can read it if you didn’t see it:
There are still a few vacant precincts, so if YOU are interested in serving as the Republican leader in your neighborhood, please contact I and we will get you plugged in!
And to keep up with what Denton County GOP activists are talking about, please join our facebook group here:
Lincoln Reagan Dinner Excitement Building

 Sen. Cruz 
    Sen. Nelson                                                        Mr. Cruz
The Feb.1st DCRP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is known throughout the state for being among the largest, and best in the Lone Star state. And this year will be no different. In fact, it may be the best one we’ve ever had! It’s headlined by Texas Jr. US Senator,TED CRUZ  who will be introduced by his awesome father, RAFAEL CRUZ. Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening’s festivities will be Denton County’s own State Senator JANE NELSON
And there will be, as always, our legendary live and silent auctions. Again this year, we have some truly unique items including a one-hour ride in his antique World War II Stinson airplane with Land Commissioner (and candidate for Lt. Gov.)  JERRY PATTERSON. Another encore item is the specially crafted  AR 15 rifle  with the Texas state seal donated by Agriculture Commissioner (and candidate for Lt. Gov.) TODD STAPLES. New this year is a very unique, one-of-a-kind Life Quilt Designed by the mother of one of our Precinct Chairs, this quilt celebrates the success of the pro-life movement this year in Texas, and will be signed by the major pro-life players both n Washington and Austin. You don’t want to miss this dinner!
Once again, many candidates will be providing a “campaign headquarters” booth to meet voters, discuss issues and hand out literature. Clearly, this dinner at the DFW Hyatt Regency is THE place to be on Feb. 1. To register for the dinner and its accompanying VIP Reception, go here: or call HQ at940-321-2671.
Exciting New Prequel to 
Lincoln-Reagan Dinner! 

Congressman Louis Gohmert
We have added a really great prequel to the Dinner with Sen. Ted Cruz – a Conservative Victory and Strategy Session which will take place the day of the dinner at the same hotel. This conference  will begin at 9 a.m. and features the irrepressible CongressmanLOUIE GOHMERT as the luncheon speaker. Other featured panelists and speakers include actress Janine Turner and her daughter Juliette, author Karen Watson, Pastor Stephen Broden, Chairman Steve Munisteri, Craig James, Dr. Merrill Matthews, Tom Giovanetti and Rafael Cruz., Various topics of concern to conservatives will be discussed, from the culture war to our economy and energy. Most importantly, solutions will be discussed at the conference’s end.  The cost is only $50 (including lunch) and combo pricing of $125 with the dinner is available as well as special student rates of $35.  For more information or to register online, go here: or call HQ at 940-321-2871. There also is special hotel room pricing for overnight stays. Don’t miss this fantastic educational and motivational day!
Till next week,

Dianne Edmondson
County Chairman


Now, I'd like to address one paragraph in particular:
"Speaking of Wendy Davis, I personally am concerned about the “super women” ticket of Abortion Barbie with Hispanic Sen Leticia Van De Putte as her running mate. We have our work cut out for us to dispute the Dems’ false accusations of a Republican “war on women.” GOP ladies, it’s up to us to speak out and speak up for the Republican Party and what its pro-life, pro-family, pro-jobs practices mean to women and their families!"
Where to begin? Let's start with the hypocrisy of calling Sen. Wendy Davis an "Abortion Barbie" while at the same time denying that there is any kind of GOP "war on women". And I must ask, do you usually introduce yourself as "Caucasian" Dianne Edmondson? If not, could you please explain why you felt the need to describe Sen. Leticia Can De Putte using her ethnicity? To me, that just perpetuates the racism problem that seems to be prevalent in your party right now.
As far as the GOP "war on women", you've highlighted Louis Gohmert in this update. Louis Gohmert, who told a woman who had a medically necessary late-term abortion that she "ripped her fetus apart". Louis Gohmert, who said that sex education "reminds him of Russian schools under the Soviet Union". He also said this about marriage equality (even though he was asked about gun control): "When you say it`s not a man and a woman anymore, then why not have three men and one woman, or four women and one man, or why not, you know, somebody has a love for an animal?" The same Louis Gohmert that said birth control was an offense to God? Or you have Ted Cruz, who called birth control "abortifacients". 
I could go on and on listing GOP members and their misguided and dangerous attempts to try to regulate birth control and abortion, based on their religious beliefs. Sadly, most of them are men. You do realize that these men have zero chance of becoming pregnant? 
Do you have children, Dianne? I do. Two daughters. They are still very young, but my thoughts are for their future. For all I know, one or both of them might turn out to be homosexual. And you know what? It wouldn't make me love them any less. You know what else? I will fight like hell to make sure they have the chance to be happy and have their lives and loves validated just like everyone else. Those in your party who complain that the "sanctity of marriage" will be destroyed if we allow gay marriage are failing at that argument. Funny, I don't ever see any of you protesting divorce. 
As far as one is FOR abortion. No one likes it. It's a terrible, tragic thing. But you know what else it is? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is between a woman, her doctor, the baby's father, and her God, if she has one. This idea you people have that Sen. Wendy Davis will be giving out two-for-one coupons to abortion clinics is a little over the top, don't you agree? I want my daughters to have the choice should they ever have the need to use it. I would hope beyond hope that that never happens, but we can't predict the future. 
I'm going to copy and paste the First Amendment for you, because it seems you've forgotten what it says. Here it is:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Read that first part again. Please. Really let that sink in. Because what it says is that laws in this country cannot be made based on your religion. See? It doesn't matter what a two thousand year old book says, it matters what's right and fair. Personal liberty means the freedom freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc. Personal liberty means being able to live and believe as one chooses, not as others believe you should. Does this make sense to you? Because your party's platform talks all about liberty while at the same time trying to take it away from many of us. 
This is why your party is floundering. This is why so many young people are flocking to the other side. We all see your party heroes, like Paul Ryan, vowing to continue his fight to restrict personal liberties all while claiming it's for the betterment of this country. We see your party continually cow to corporations, leaving the working class in the dust. You've cut unemployment. You've cut welfare. You've cut food stamps. You've cut benefits for veterans. And you'll all claim it's the fault of President Obama. 
Here's some advice......stop watching Fox News. Stop believing every single thing that Ted Cruz says. Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Pat Robertson. These people couldn't care less about you. Their pockets are very full, thank you very much. Start broadening your horizons, listening and debating with people who have opposing viewpoints. You might learn something. They might learn something. But here's the have to support your position with facts. You don't get to make stuff up. You also don't get to be completely disrespectful to those who might oppose your views, such as you did in your update. 
Finally, I'd like to remind you of something. Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor." He didn't say your white, wealthy, heterosexual, disease free, socially acceptable neighbor. There were no exceptions. Not one. Start practicing THAT little direction from the Bible, and we might get somewhere.
One Blunt Mom

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