Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Return to Sender: When Political Activism Crosses the Line

It's a crazy time in American politics right now. There are extremes on both sides, but the Tea Party has damaged the Republican party almost beyond repair. The blatant racism and intolerance shown towards a seated President of the United States is unprecedented. And it's sickening. 

There are multiple Facebook pages attacking the President, calling for impeachment. There are many people who have no qualms online comparing him to Hitler (seriously?) or any other despised despot. Facebook, more often than not, allows this complete sedition as a product of "freedom of speech."

And then this happened. The hubs and I were out to lunch yesterday and we passed by the local Post Office. This was sitting out front:

The other side said, "Impeach the Tyrant." I'm just surprised they spelled it correctly. Yes, this was ON POST OFFICE PROPERTY. According to the United States Code, this is a direct violation. (See h1, h5.)

Excerpt from the code, found at

(h) Soliciting, electioneering, collecting debts, vending, and advertising.
(1) Soliciting alms and contributions, campaigning for election to any public office, collecting private debts, soliciting and vending for commercial purposes (including, but not limited to, the vending of newspapers and other publications), displaying or distributing commercial advertising, collecting signatures on petitions, polls, or surveys (except as otherwise authorized by Postal Service regulations), are prohibited. These prohibitions do not apply to:
(i) Commercial or nonprofit activities performed under contract with the Postal Service or pursuant to the provisions of the Randolph-Sheppard Act;
(ii) Posting notices on bulletin boards as authorized in § 243.2(a) of this chapter;
(iii) The solicitation of Postal Service and other Federal military and civilian personnel for contributions by recognized agencies as authorized under Executive Order 12353, of March 23, 1982.
(2) Solicitations and other actions which are prohibited by paragraph (h)(1) of this section when conducted on Postal Service property should not be directed by mail or telephone to postal employees on Postal Service property. The Postal Service will not accept or distribute mail or accept telephone calls directed to its employees which are believed to be contrary to paragraph (h)(1) of this section.
(3) Leafleting, distributing literature, picketing, and demonstrating by members of the public are prohibited in lobbies and other interior areas of postal buildings open to the public. Public assembly and public address, except when conducted or sponsored by the Postal Service, are also prohibited in lobbies and other interior areas of postal building open to the public.
(4) Voter registration. Voter registration may be conducted on postal premises only with the approval of the postmaster or installation head provided that all of the following conditions are met:
(i) The registration must be conducted by government agencies or nonprofit civic leagues or organizations that operate for the promotion of social welfare but do not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate or political party for any public office.
(ii) Absolutely no partisan or political literature may be available, displayed, or distributed. This includes photographs, cartoons, and other likenesses of elected officials and candidates for public office.
(iii) The registration is permitted only in those areas of the postal premises regularly open to the public.
(iv) The registration must not interfere with the conduct of postal business, postal customers, or postal operations.
(v) The organization conducting the voter registration must provide and be responsible for any equipment and supplies.
(vi) Contributions may not be solicited.
(vii) Access to the workroom floor is prohibited.
(viii) The registration activities are limited to an appropriate period before an election.
(5) Except as part of postal activities or activities associated with those permitted under paragraph (h)(4) of this section, no tables, chairs, freestanding signs or posters, structures, or furniture of any type may be placed in postal lobbies or on postal walkways, steps, plazas, lawns or landscaped areas, driveways, parking lots, or other exterior spaces.
Oh, that's not all. In the parking lot of the post office, There were people campaigning for one Kesha Rogers. Now Kesha is one interesting nut job. Of course, she's from Texas. Kesha is running as a Democrat who has compared President Obama to Hitler and wants him impeached. She has alienated her own party, but has become the darling of the local Tea Party. Apparently they don't care that she's a Democrat, they just love the whole "impeach Obama" message.

(Yes, that is the Post Office building right behind them.)

She claims to be a delegate for Lyndon LaRouche, and if you don't know who he is, read this:

Here's the deal, folks: President Obama has done nothing that's actually impeachable. Nothing. Don't you think the GOP would be all over that if there were indeed any factual evidence to impeach? And this sign says that if she is elected, "Obama is finished." How, exactly? You're running as a Democrat trying to impeach a Democratic President without any factual reason why. Your own party wants nothing to do with you. 

In other words, you're making a complete fool of yourself.

Now my issue isn't so much with the complete looney toon that is Ms. Rogers, my issue is that all of this happened on government property and no one seemed to have an issue with it. When things like this start to be accepted, where does it end? I find it abhorrent that the hatred and fear of President Obama can reach such ridiculous levels, and I find it disgusting that it is allowable for him to be completely disrespected in such a terrible way. Where does the Hitler comparison even come from? 

Can't we just stop with the fear-mongering and get back to making this country great again? Honestly, I hate the party system. There should never be an "us vs. them" mentality. We're all in this together. 


  1. What? No condemnation of all those times when people were calling Bush a Hitler clone? Your obvious bias makes it really hard to take you seriously. Your just upset over this particularly blatant display that's attacking your team.

    1. If the swastika fits wear it, Bush is a war criminal. If he leaves the country he will be arrested in some countries. The woman asked you a question, what has Obama done? And she has every right to not want the government property she is paying taxes for to be used to push tea party propaganda. If it were the other way around there would be a dozen screaming trolls going batshit nuts. And thats right Obama has done nothing that would warrant an impeachment or anything else. He should get a medal for having had to put up with you and your ilk.

  2. Well, anonymous, Bush isn't in office anymore, is he? So how do you know I wasn't condemning those at the time? I am upset, yes.....that this is a blatant disregard for campaign and post office rules, not over the campaign itself. She has no chance.

    Oh, and it's *you're*.

    1. Too bad you delete and block anyone who proves you wrong or highlights you lies and hypocrisy. you maybe better at spelling,than thinking.

    2. I block people who start off with insults and hyperbole rathe than actually trying to debate. There are several people on that page who disagree, but they do it with tact, and we can debate. And you don't get to call people liars just because you don't agree with what they're saying.

    3. I didn't see you prove anything other than that you are delusional and you can't stand for another person to have an opinion.

  3. So why don't you go into the Roanoke post office and file a formal complaint. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

    1. Wow. Talk about missing the entire point.

  4. Well..I won't bother asking where I can find your comments condemning those who called Bush all manner of vile things because I'm sure they're non-existent, but I digress. Oh boy where shall I start tearing into this at...where to start where to start. Well let's start with your statement that obama has done nothing to deserve impeachment, shall we. Let's start with the national defense authorization act. The administration insisted that this bill include language that gives obama authority to detain american citizens on U.S soil indefinitely without trial simply if the "president" suspects them of having terrorist ties. This is a blatant violation of our constitution, which he swore to uphold and defend upon taking office. Then there's the national defense resources preparation order, which is an executive order that magically (I say magically because there's no legal or constitutional way to do this otherwise) gives the president the power to declare martial law during peacetime, which I'm sure I don't need to tell you is a SERIOUS violation of our constitution. Actually I'm not sure if a president could violate the constitution of The United States more than in that one executive order alone. He has instructed the attorney general not to enforce laws passed by congress which is another violation of the constitution. I can keep going if you like, or are those enough violations of the constitution to satisfy the charge that he's done nothing to deserve impeachment? Because I still have healthcare, immigration, war powers, protecting the national security of The United States, criminal acts, and a few more. You say there shouldn't be an "us vs them" attitude but you start out your little diatribe with the insinuation that people that have a problem with obama must be racially motivated. This in itself is a racially motivated statement or at the very least discriminatory and stereotypical. If you'd like for people to take you seriously then bring something to the debate table other than the typical "you must be racist" statement because frankly, people are getting tired of it!

    1. This blog is less than a year old. Bush was long gone from office, and rehashing all of the multitude of his misgivings isn't doing anyone any good. Moving on.

      Until you admit that racism plays a major part in the animosity many people (not all) feel towards this president, it will be impossible to learn from it and change going forward. Never has a president had to prove his birth over and over again. Never have such incredibly personal, inflammatory things been said daily. Well, maybe they have, but they weren't readily seen by millions as they are today with social media.

      Here is a link regarding the NDAA:

      Here's a link for you:

      Please read the second paragraph. Who wrote the Act? Who voted for it? Do I agree with it? Of course not. But if you think the same people who overwhelmingly voted to approve it are then going to turn around and impeach the President for signing it, you're a fool.

      The House of Representatives has the power to impeach. If they thought they could and there was any legitimate reason, don't you think they'd get right on that?

    2. Oops, forgot to address the other one you mentioned.....have you even READ IT??

      And then read this:

    3. Yes I have read it...did YOU understand what you were reading? If you read that NDRP and don't understand that he just gave himself the ability to take over EVERYTHING, snatch up civilians and make them work for the government WITHOUT paying them, have control over transportation, energy and even the food you eat, simply if the DHS says there is a threat...and you don't have a problem with that...then there's no point in continuing this conversation at all.

    4. So, where are all these people who are being arrested and dragged off the street? And do you not think that someone should have the authority to arrest a suspected terrorist who happens to be a citizen? If Obama was a tyrant you would be dead or languishing in the basement of a prison somewhere. There would be no tea party. Cliven Bundy and his pathetic militia would be in jail or dead. You wouldn't be free to bitch that your freedom is being taken from you. And people aren't required to share your beliefs or your opinions. They also aren't required to argue the points you choose to bring up. She said it bothered her that disrespectful tea party freaks were using government property to spread their lies about the President. She, not you was there. She still has the right to type that into the computer and hit post.

  5. Okie dokie. You go ahead, get your guns, and go hide out in your bunker waiting for Obama to come take them. You people and your ridiculous conspiracy theories are part of the problem. And no, there is no point in continuing this conversation, because you've been drinking way too much tea.